1st Logo (1994-1995)


WARNING: Due to the logo's sexual content, videos of this logo will not be allowed on this site.

Nicknames: "Sexy CD Girl"

Logo: We start out on the black background with the Vivid Interactive logo on the top-left and the 3DO logo on the bottom-right. After few seconds, the real logo animation plays: In the space, we see the CD zooming towards the near-right and flies away to the left, while the line of two CDs on the left fading in and moving towards, then flying away to the right. Then the Vivid Interactive logo with the fiery texture, which soon changes to the reflecting water pattern, fades in, alongside a naked brunette girl posing in a sensual manner with CDs on her eyes, her breasts and her groin; after few seconds, the girl fades out and CDs reappear, do the same movements from the beginning and the texture on the Vivid Interactive logo changes back to the fiery texture. Then another line of CDs flying towards and the very front and the very back CDs flies away to the top, while the middle one to the bottom, and, finally, the logo fades out; then the background fades out.

FX/SFX: Everything.

Cheesy FactorNonsensical logo animation. The animation quality itself, however, is decent.

Music/Sounds: An uninspired fanfare, followed by a group of female voices saying "Vivid Interactive".

Availability: Uncommon. Can be seen on adult games on the 3DO.

Scare Factor: Low to high. The subject matter of the logo can freak many out, not to mention the slightly ominous voice at the end.