1st Print Logo (1984-1991) Edit

Tri-Star Pictures 1984-0

Logo: Same as the movie logo of the era, except that the logo is in print and the text stays intact.

2nd Print Logo (1990-1993) Edit

TriStar Pictures 1991-0

Logo: Same as the last logo, except that the "Pegasus Over Pyramid" is resized as smaller and it's next to the stacked words "TRI STAR".

Note: An alternative version exists.

3rd Logo (1993- ) Edit

TriStar Pictures-0

Logo: Same as the 1st and last logos, except that the Pegasus is redrawn to match with the 1993-2015 movie logo, no pyramid is below the Pegasus, and it's placed inside a box.

Bylines: The logo used two different bylines during the years:

  • 1993- : (bylineless)
  • 2014- : "a Sony Company"


  • In 1993, there is a version where the boxed Pegasus is above "TRISTAR PICTURES" and the SPE byline. Used as an early closing logo.
  • An alternative version exists.
  • Starting in 2014, the byline "a Sony Company" now appears below the logo.
  • Another variant of the 2014 version with the copyright stamp also exists.
  • Starting in 2016, the stacked words "TRISTAR PICTURES" is now in the Columbia font. Also, a copyright stamp appears between the two.
  • Another variant of the 2016 version is like the early 1993 variant, except that "TRISTAR PICTURES" is now in the Columbia font, and the byline reads "a Sony Company".