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Nickname: Gamecube's Brother, Blue cube!!!!

Logo: On a white background, a blue cube rolling and face towards to the viewers. The blue cube got squashed by something inside of it. After that, the blue "t" with a swirly tail comes out when the blue cube booms out as the "t" turns to white and the word "TOY'S FACTORY" appears below.


  • In few Tati Games, the logo is pink.
  • On MMD Games, the white "t" and background is black.

FX/SFX: The blue cube rolling, getting squashed, the "t" coming out, blue cube booms out, the "t" turns white, and the text appearing.

Music/Sounds: the snowflakes sound effect when blue appears, the merocas sound, the guitar when blue cube got squashed.

Music/Sounds Variant:

  • On still version, its silent
  • The logo is silent
  • On a MMD & Rugrats, the is silent
  • On a few Tati Games, the music is more cutesy and harmless

Availability: Current. Seen on a Music Video of live tune MMD Music Videos (however, this logo removed by since music video dose not appear). The still game variant can appear on MMD: Miku got cute (black background),and also seen on MMD: 3D Race for Nick Games, Spongebong Lights Up Down Snuggle Pants, MMD: started up Races for XBOX, PS2, and GC. This was seen on MMD & Rugrats (for Greenytoons and MTV), and the pink variant is seen in a few Tati Games.

Scare Factor:

  • Original Version: it can range from low to nightmare. The distorted guitar will gets people off guard, and if it was the blue cube was catching some people off guard, probably if they enjoy if they can range to minimal to low who are in used to it
  • MMD Variant: None, the still version can help and relies the Klasky-Csupo Logo can be harmless
  • Still Version: None, when it sound is silent
  • Tati Variant: None to Minimal, this variant is harmless and cute.