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(2007- ) Edit

The Magic Store (2017)

The Magic Store (2017)

Nickname: “The Magic Wand”

Logo: On a purple background, a stylized blue magic wand bounces up and down, with little orange-and-white stars coming from its five pointed tip. The letters in the name "THE MAGIC STORE" (except for the "I") appear, with "THE" arranged vertically next to the "M" in "MAGIC" (which also has a swash-like protrusion to its left). The wand shortens and takes the place of the letter "I".

Variant: On the Chipotle-sponsered iTunes series Rad Lands, the logo has a different color scheme.

FX/SFX: The wand moving and the text appearing, all in Flash animation.

Music/Sounds: Chimes accompanying the wand waving, followed by five harp notes and a British-accented woman quickly saying "Magic!".

Availability: Common. Appears at the end of Yo Gabba Gabba!, all Plum Landing episodes since 2007, The Aquabats Super Show, and the iTunes-exclusive RAD Lands.

Scare Factor: None, but it may raise on Yo Gabba Gabba due to the 2007 Wild Brain Entertainment logo following it.