Logo description by thehugetvfan Logo and video capture courtesy of MachineryNoise

Background:The ABM Group was a Canadian home video distributor from Ontario. They were one of Canada's largest video companies in the early 1990s. Formed in 1989 as a merger of various companies (including Embury Communications), ABM released public domain films and started licensing content from other companies, including Starmaker Entertainment, Nelvana, and Paragon International. In 1994, Front Row Entertainment purchased ABM, and they stopped using the brand name a year later.


Nicknames: "ABM in Space", "Long Space Background", "The Space Logo of Almost Nothing", "Synth Drone Logo", "Migraine ABM", "The Canadian Equivalent of PPI Entertainment"

Logo: On a zooming space background, after ten seconds of no animation, a pink comet shoots from the right. Then, when it hits the center, an explosion appears. The letters “A”, “B”, and “M” zoom in and spin, along with a fancy tail, all colored gold. A yellow line flashes quickly on the logo’s edges just before the explosion (now really white dust) disappears. The word “PRESENTS” in BrushScript font slowly fades in. After a few seconds, the logo fades out, and a warning scroll appears. After 13 seconds, the screen fades to black.

Variant: Sometimes, the warning scroll doesn't appear, and we are left with 13 seconds of just the space background before we fade to black.

FX/SFX: The space background moving, comet flying, explosion, pieces flying, letters shining.

Music/Sounds: A extremely long synth drone is heard throughout the entire logo, then, when the explosion appears, a “BOOM!” is heard, then a blowing wind is heard when the letter's are flying in, a clunk when the letters come into place, followed by a bell toll. At the end of the logo, we hear a some kind of a sound that looks like a game button being pressed.

Availability: Ultra rare. Found on a Canadian VHS of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark: The Movie, as well as some public domain cartoon videos. Could be seen on re-released tapes from Kid Flicks, and Starmaker Entertainment. Can be seen on the 1990 film Mother Goose Songs & Rhymes Vol. 3.

Editor's Note: The logo is notorious for being an effortless and cheap logo that runs too long (40 seconds) for its own good, with half of it consisting of just the space background. On top of that, if you have a keen eye, the explosion is deliberately lifted from the original Star Wars movie!