1st Logo (1930-1956)Edit


2nd Logo (1955-1963)Edit

Nicknames: "The Smiling (Terrytoons) Block", "Teletoon's Grandfather", "Happy Cartoon Logo"

Logo: On a white background, squares with abstract smiling cartoony faces (no pupils are in the eyes), in several colors appear in a checkerboard pattern. Once the checkerboard is complete, the square faces merge into each other a la Desilu, and they form a chartreuse face, with pupils in the eyes. The are squiggles on top of the face, which could possibly be hair (actually reminiscent of the handy-dandy notebook from Blue's Clues). The squiggles then "morph" into "terrytoons" written in a cursive font. "PRESENTS" then in appears in possibly blue or navy blue in a goof, old fashioned bold font.

Closing Variant: The closing variant starts as a chartreuse background. A hole appears and grows into the smiling mouth. The background zooms out to reveal the face. This time, Terrytoons is written in cursive instead of just squiggles. "terrytoons" morphs into a a cursive "the end". Some CinemaScope prints have the words "DISTRIBUTED BY TWENTIETH CENTURY-FOX FILM CORPORATION".

Variant: A variation of the logo was used on Mighty Mouse Playhouse. The logo is on a sky background and "CARTOONS BY" is seen above the face.

FX/SFX: Opening: The checkerboard appearing and merging, the squiggles morphing into Terytoon, and "Presents" appearing. Closing: The zoom-out, the morphing words.

Cheesy Factor: Rough animation, this whole look of this logo just SCREAMS 50s/60s. Also the squiggles make the logo look the handy dandy notebook from Blue's Clues. Also "Presents" is rather dated and is written in an ugly font.

Music/Sounds: The opening and closing themes of the cartoon.

Availability: Rare. Seen on most CinemaScope-produced Terrytoons cartoons. The logo is often replaced by the reissue titles so that the logo isn't common anymore. It premiered on Topsy TV.

Scare Factor: Minimal to low. The logo is very cute and the music is very happy. Though it may startle first time viewers but this logo is otherwise harmless.

3rd (known) Logo (December 5, 1957-1962)Edit

Logo: This logo says "C'est Film" or "La" and "Presenta".