Logo description by NightmareEnterprises, SaganStrikesBack, AnimeTVLogos, naxo-ole, LogosForTheWin, and Nameless_Guy

Background: Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears is a video game company that published the game Rework the Dead: Evil

(February 2, 2011)


WARNING: Due to this logo's graphic gore, videos and photos will not be allowed on this page. LOOK UP PHOTOS AND VIDEOS OF THIS LOGO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Nicknames: "The Juxtaposition Logo", "Dead Panda", "The Grossest Logo Ever", "The Hypocrite Logo", "The Goriest Logo Ever", "An Animal Activist's Worst Nightmare", "TV6 Horror Special", "The Main Reason Why I Shouldn't Play Rework the Dead: Evil"

Logo: On a gray floor in the darkness, we see a dead, ripped apart panda with a spotlight on it. On the upper side of the screen we see the two arms of the panda tied by a rope, implying it was hanged before its torture. Then, the text


Happy Rainbow Panda Bears


fades in line by line, in red.

Variant: On the release trailer for Rework the Dead: Evil, the entire logo fades in at once.

FX/SFX: The violent image and text fading in.

Cheesy Factor: Easily one of the cheesiest logo's of all time, next to FADYO. This logo tries to be disturbing and shocking, but everything is just way too poorly drawn and animated for this to happen, making it look disgusting and awkward instead. There is also an attempt at irony using the title, but the joke wears off so quickly that naming your company Lettuce Entertain You Inc. would have been a better idea. The way the title fades in, with basically nothing but three frames, also reeks of Microsoft Powerpoint effects. You could easily recreate this logo, if not outright make a better one, using only Microsoft Paint.  

Music/Sounds: None, and that increases the scare factor.

Availability: Rare. Only seen on Rework the Dead: Evil and its trailer.

Scare Factor: Nightmare, due to the logo's dark nature and the fact that the imagery is both poorly drawn as well as the fact that it is just really gory. This logo will DEFINITELY upset animal lovers and/or people sensitive to blood and gore. However, it becomes none to low if you're used to gory content like this for some time. And considering the game's violent content, the scare factor is obviously intentional.