TV5 Kids
TV5 kids is a Children's TV Program  Block made for TV5


Logo: We see a Park with some shows (including Yo gabba Gabba!, Pinky and the Brain , etc.). A Writch is a Circle is red spin and moves. More shows like Chuggington, Hamtaro and Other shows, Slowly zoom out to Make a show, Oggy and the cockroaches, Thomas and friends, Hi-5, Bob the Builder, and Ben 10 Pops out (Similar to the Black Horse Pictures, Pvt. Ltd. Logo), a Picnic with a sandwich, sub, and train. we stop slowing and a sign saying "Kita-Kits Ulli Bukas and fade in a Green Background when a letters fly away like a bird or a Eagle. the Camera zooms out to See a Green Background. where we see the 2010-2013 TV5 logo. The "K"jumps "I" Hops "D" Runs and "S" Jumps. the works kids in blue, More stars Moving on the Circle.

FX?sfx: the park

Music/sounds: A Pardse music with voiced saying "Khos ba ba booy ba,Kita-Kits Ulb Bukas so ba 5 con lid, be 2 a TV5 Kids!"

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor:None to low.