Columbia Pictures Entertainment Edit

(1987-1991) Edit

Nicknames: TBA

Logo: TBA

Availability: Very rare.

Sony Pictures Entertainment Edit

1st Print Logo (1991-1993) Edit

Sony Pictures

Nicknames: "The Sony Pictures Wordmark", "'90s Wordmark"

Logo: A simple text reading "SONY PICTURES".

Availability: Ultra rare.

2nd Print Logo (1993- ) Edit

Sony Pictures logo

Nicknames: "The Sony Pictures Bars", "'90s Bars", "Ultra Common Bars"

Logo: We see a parallelogram with bars. There are 11 bars. Below it is the stacked words "SONY PICTURES"


  • A print logo exists.
  • An inverted print logo exists.
  • A horizontal word mark as seen on the studio entrance in Culver City, California exists.
  • 1993-2014: The byline reads "a SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT company"
  • 2014- : The byline reads "a Sony Company"

Availability: Ultra common. In fact, it might be probably the most common logo ever.

SPE! Edit

(1999-2002) Edit


Nicknames: "The Wordmark", "'90s Wordmark"

Logo: We see the text "spe!" in gold.

Availability: Extremely rare.