1st Logo (1997-2001)

Logo: We fade in to a sunrise sky background with clouds. Across the corners of the screen, we see (all in 3D) a pink triangle (top center; spinning horizontally), a yellow music note (bottom left; spinning counterclockwise), a blue stretched trapezoid (top left; spinning counterclockwise), and the logo's title (top right; spinning clockwise) slowly forming the Rock 'N Learn logo. As that happens the sky becomes blue. Later, the pink triangle and the blue trapezoid meet and merge with each other, causing a flickering flash. "Rock 'N Learn" rests on the blue trapezoid, and the music note rests on top of the "N", acting as an apostrophe. The text shines, then a ball flies from the bottom left of the screen and around the logo. "presents" fades in below the logo, causing the logo to flash. The ball then heads towards the screen and turns white to fill the screen. The screen later fades to the feature's title card.

FX/SFX: The background shifting from sunrise to solar noon, the logo forming.

Cheesy Factor: The synth notes aren't really the best thing for a logo for youngsters. Also, cheap CGI, and some of the audio isn't really on-sync with the graphics.

Music/Sounds: 2 long droning rock/synth notes, muffling themselves during the finished product. Bell notes follow.

Availability: Scarce. Can be seen on their video lineup of the time. It can be seen in Letter Sounds, Colors, Shapes & Counting, Alphabet, Multiplication Rap, Addition & Subtraction Rock, Multiplication Rock, and Phonics. The last feature to use this logo was Phonics. It can be seen in the VHS version.

Scare Factor: Low. The notes aren't really, well, see the Cheesy Factor. And the ball suddenly coming towards the screen at the end of the logo may be enough to startle toddlers.