1st Print Logo (1912-1960) Edit

Paramount Pictures 1914

Logo: We see a rock between a boat, a crown and a ribbon and the text reads "Paramount PICTURES IN EXCELSIS".

2nd Print Logo (1912-1917) Edit

Logo: We see a gradient circle with a mountain below it with some fog clouds. Inside the circle is "Paramount Pictures". Encircling the circle are 29 stars.

3rd Print Logo (1917-1967) Edit

Paramount Pictures 1917

Logo: Same concept as before, except that the mountain and fog is redrawn as well as the script and there are now 24 stars instead of 29.

4th Print Logo (1967- ) Edit

Paramount Pictures

Logo: The circle is now solid. Also, the mountain is redrawn, the text now simply reads "Paramount" and there are now 22 stars instead of 24.

Bylines: This logo has used three different bylines during the years.

  • 1967-1995: "A Gulf+Western Company"
  • 2016-present: (bylineless)
  • 1995-2010: "/\ VI/\CO/\/\ CO/\/\P/\NY"
  • 2010-2016 : "A VIaCOM COMPANY"

Notes: A treasure of variants, as well as the three main bylines.

  • 1967-1975: This logo is placed inside a box, and the byline reads "A Gulf+Western Company".
  • 1975-1982: The Gulf+Western byline is now vertical instead of horizontal.
  • 1982-1995: The box is removed.
  • 1987: For the logo's 75th anniversary, "75th Anniversary" is added on the mountain, the folds are removed and the Gulf+Western byline is shifted down.
  • 1995-2010: A line is added below the logo and below the line is the byline "/\ VI/\CO/\/\ CO/\/\P/\NY" in the 1990 Wigga-Wigga font.
  • 2002: For the logo's 90th anniversary, "90TH ANNIVERSARY" is added on the mountain, four of the folds are removed and the Viacom byline is shifted down.
  • 2010-2016 : The byline is switched to its 2006 font.
  • 2012: For the logo's 100th anniversary, "100 years" is added on the mountain and the line above the Viacom byline is removed. Also, the mountain is redrawn to match with the current movie logo.
  • This logo became bylineless in 2016 due Viacom being sold to RubixBox International.