Logo descriptions by WizardDuck

1st Logo (1998)

Note: The logo was seen at 0:05 and 0:07

Logo: on a black background, Miku walks to see a logo "mmd" drops down. Miku and then runs to the left after the words:



turns green while the "iku", and the other "iku" zooms in between the "M", and the "ance" "D"and the "ミクミクタンス" zooms in under the "MikuMikuDance".Miku then scoot next to the logo and says the company (when the camera zooms in). After that, Miku turns into a green silhouette next to the logo. The logo then fades to black.

Variants: After Miku says a company name, she turns into green silhouette next to the logo (thats a short version)

FX/SFX: CGL Animation

Music/Sounds: The stamping noise when Miku walk, and scooting sound, and Miku saying "MikuMikuDance" as the deep noise

Availability: Seen on a MOMI of MMD

Scare Factor: None to low, as Miku Hatsune comes to the right, it many startle a view.