Mediacorp (2003)
Mediacorp (2007, Channel 8)
Mediacorp (Channel 5)
A Production of Mediacorp Studios (2000s)
Mediacorp News (2006)

1st Logo

(February 2001-2009)

Logo: On a black background, we see three blue ovals flying across the screen followed by the letters "M DIACORP" fly into the center of the screen one by one then the three ovals fly into between the 'M' and 'D' and they flatten forming a stylized 'E'. The whole text then shines.

FX: The ovals flying across the screen and the letters flying into place, which has decent CGI for its time!

Variant: A short version is commonly used at the end of programs starting at the 3-note synth sounder.

Music/Sounds: Synthesized whooshing sounds as the ovals fly around followed by a descending whoosh as the letters fly into place and then a 3-note synth sounder.

Availability: The short version is commonly found on programs at the time while the regular long version is used on startups and National Day Parade airings on their networks.

Editor's Note: TBA

2nd Logo

(2009-December 2015)


3rd Logo

(December 2015-)