Background: Industrial Brothers was a American animation studios and shows and video games are in a TV for Nick Jr. Programs to produce cartoons.

1st Logo (2002)

Industrial Brothers Logo (2009).001
Nicknames: TBA

Logo: on a vignetted white background, a 18 robot arms form the Industrial Brothers logo. The "INDUSTRIAL BROTHERS" are reveal and the Robot blinks and it holding a butterfly up here and it moved its header to butterfly.

Variant: On Yup Yups for Disney Junior, the logo was completely still or skipped the 18 robot arms (which robot and butterfly in a setting icon and the "INDUSTRIAL BROTHERS" Were bottom of the setting.)

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: all the animations are bad, but the robot arms may be ugly indeed, but it may be mind to be a cheap one.

Music/Sounds: A ending theme of the show, but it may heard by the sound as robot form a logo followed by the ending theme.

Availability: Rare. It may be seen on Top Wing for Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon for the DVD and CD that can be safety. It way be found on Dot. and Yup Yups for Disney Junior

Scare Factor: Minimal