Hairun Pictures is a China Movie Company Launched In 2006

1st Logo (August 1, 2006)Edit

Screenshot 2018-07-23-15-58-39-1

Nicknames: "The Dolphins", "Squeaking Dolphin", "Dolphin"

Logo: The Ocean Appears to go down Into Water And We Suddenly Zoom Down to reveal 2 Dolphins Named Rocko and Murray. Swimming In the Ocean And one away from the left. Also The Dolphin swimming and Goes Off-screen and we see a Close Up of a Dolphin swimming and A Sticking in his Tongue (A la THX Logo). The Dolphin Swimming in the Ocean and His Tail To be crazy And goes Off-screen. The Words "Hairun" (With the "A" Replaced by a Sea Spinning  Tunnel). The Logo Added to Used the Chinese translation of the name above in Space-out Letters and The Words "P I C T U R E S" Below. the Dolphin Then Swimming Again and And streaks the Sea Tunnel and fades Out.

FX/SFX: the Dolphins

Music/sounds: A Water Rumbles, Then a High Piano and Gultar Music Followed by a Dolphin Squeaking.

Availability: Rare

Scare Factor: Low The Dolphins

2nd Logo (April 7, 2013)Edit

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Nickmanes: "The orange Sea Tunnel", "Where's The Dolphin?".

Logo: We see a Black Background. The Hairun Pictures without The word "Pictures" Zoom out to Added the.Chinese translation of the name above from the 1st Logos. The Logo Shines

FX/SFX: None:

Music/Sounds: The Opening Theme Of the Movie, Or None

Availability: Seen On Hairun Pictures Movies

Scare Factor: Happy