Logo Creaters: Jayden Hakions

Nicknames: The Greenytoons, the logo is cool

Logo: See Variant.


  • Logo 1: On a Black Background, We see a Camera is unfolding to the "GREENYTOONS" logo and the logo goes up.
  • Logo 2: On a Black Background, we see a "GREENYTOONS" Logo that zooms in like Viacom V Of Doom and goes up .

FX/SFX: Used by Sony Vegas.

Music/Sounds: None, the ending theme of the show.

Availability: Seen On Little Kate Ashby and Kate Ashby, after Curious Pictures's SSF Robot

Scare Factor:

  • Flip Variant: None to low, the greenytoons will startle a view
  • V Of Doom Variant: Medium to low. the Greenytoons zooming up closer to the viewers will be unsetting

2nd Logo


Logo: TBA

Variant: TBA


Cheesy Factor: this a logo called the cool nice animation enough

Availability: Uncommon. The logo was seen on Nick Ashby

Scare Factor: None.

3rd Logo

(December 2, 2018)

Greenytoons 2018 (Stella Girl).001
Curious Pictures Greenytoons (2018)-0

Curious Pictures Greenytoons (2018)-0

Paperhead Production Blue Television Greenytoons (2018)-1

Paperhead Production Blue Television Greenytoons (2018)-1

Logo: on a white background, we see a "greenytoons" zooms out in pink. And then the "PRODUCTIONS" fade in and zooms in.


  • On Little Freaks, The "productions" were removed.
  • On Stella Girl, the copyright trademark were seen and the "PRODUCTIONS" were removed

FX/SFX: CBI Animation

Cheesy Factor/Music/Sounds: This logo was being good while the sound from Nickelodeon ident were heard while greenytoons zooms out

Availability: Ultra common. On Junkyard Teddies and Little Freaks, the logo were removed from Klasky-Csupo, but it was seen right now. It will start in 2018 split screen as it was error by the previous logo. It was seen on the shows, Stella Girl, Spongebong Hemppants, Nick Ashby, and others.

Scare Factor: None to low, because the music from Nickelodeon logo will not help yet, but it was a beautiful logo. If you don't mind if this logo looks like a Nickelodeon Logo, it's depends how you feel about this logo.