Glue Works Entertainment LLC is an American Christian  Children's Home Video Company. 3d VHS. is for The Kids Are Founded in 2000's. The Company Shows the Tommy Nelson's Hermie and Friends which aired on smile channel and kicks in 2018. the VHS we make On Tommy Nelson and Glue Works Entertainment LLC. Copy your VHS with Tommy Nelson.. Will Gigi God's Little Princess DVDs are being in 2006 released. Every glue works entertainment DVDs are founded in 2000 like Hermie and friends and Gigi God's Little Princess DVDs

(Early 2000's)Edit

Glue Works Entertainment

Nicknames: "The Glue", "The Machines", "Glue Works"

Logo: on the 50s Blue "Broken Crazy" Background we can see a Hot Glue Pops And Moves. An Arm and a Hand Peeks in and pulls the rectangle and rips off to reveal The Home MAchines In the Word "Works". The Machines  they are:

1.  W Is a Rectangle yellow and two green Rectangles and wears a Birthday Hat and Arm is a Rectangle.

2. O IS a Wheel spins on the Top

3.  r is Green with Purple Legs.

4. K Is a Brown Yellow Brown Stripes and Purple Rectangle and slides.

5. S Is a Pink-Blue Letter s With a Nail and Move and touches.

Every Letter with a Yellow REctangle that Says "Glue" in Black.  (The Same Font Used on the Hermie and Friends Logo). then the Tape Rolls down which also the words  "Entertainment" with a small llc on it. the Rectangle Continues to moves and splits and turns into  Sponge-like Slime and a Shadow Appears. The "™" symbol Fades In. while the stacked words reading "Glue works Entertainment LLC" and fades out.

Variant: On Trailers, However the tommy nelson logo.

FX/SFX: the Glue Moving

Music/Sounds: A art Music, Moving sounds, Talking Adults, Tap Sounds, splitting sounds, And Turns A Choir music

Availability: Seen on hermie and Friends