3rd Logo (2007?-)

Logo: First we see glowing Japanese letters come out of nowhere which then turn into the Fuji/Pony Canyon "eye" (glowing in blue with yellow eyelashes) which emits sparks. Then multiple dark gray circles enclose the eye and a white glow shines around the circles, during which the yellow eyelashes disappear. The blue-outlined circle (the "eye") goes away with multiple blue-outlined circles that flip around and some orange-glowing lines flicker around. A small blue flash glows around the circle and the orange-glowing lines form the pupil of the eye, then the yellow eyelashes appear again and the orange/yellow pupil flashes. The blue-outlined circles, yellow eyelashes and dark gray enclosing circles then disappear while the pupil stays until it becomes a vertical orange-glowing line that stretches out and some Japanese letters squish in. Finally, a circle appears with the following text:


Fuji Television

spins in and out.

FX/SFX: Pretty much everything: the glowing letters and "eye", the sparks, the shining, spinning, etc.

Music/Sounds: First, a reversed cymbal crash, then some swooshes and ascending whirring/humming sounds, a reversed fast-paced drum tune, a crash, and finally a humming sound when the Japanese words transform to "DVD Fuji Television".  

Availability: Seen on DVDs of Fuji movies (may be distributed by Pony Canyon) like Bayside Shakedown 2 and Lorelei: The Witch of The Pacific Ocean.

Scare Factor: Minimal to low.