(February 13, 2009-)

Logo: We see the Disney XD (with "DiSNEY" in it's corperate font, and "XD" in the Exablock font) in lime green and blue in a wooden table. As the camera moves out to reveal a blue background the Disney XD logo stands up. The word "ORIGINAL" comes out from inside the "D".


  • 2009-2011: "A Walt Disney Company" with "WALT DiSNEY" in it's corperarte font.
  • 2009-: No byline. from 2011-2013, this is followed by the Disney logo.


  • There is one variant were "ORIGINAL" dosen't appear from inside the "D"
  • On Tron: Uprising, the logo was redone in blue glowing lines. "ORIGINAL" appears below XD.

FX/SXF: The Disney XD logo standing up. Cool animation.

Music/Sounds: The Disney XD 8-note generic theme played by a rock 'n roll guitar with a voiceover shouting "YES!" on guitar's ninth and final note.

Music/Sounds Variant: Sometimes there is no voiceover.

Availblity: Common.