Compiled by Justin Floyd

(August 20, 2007-Present)

Nickname: "The CBS Eyemark Studio"

Logo: In a blue studio with water, the CBS Eye logo appears. Next to it is the CBS logo in the Didot font, with Television Distribution in the Helvetica font next to the CBS logo. The screen zooms out of the blue studio. On the extended version, the CBS Eye logo zooms out to reveal the CBS and Television Distribution words in their respective fonts, and the zooming out stops behind black girders.

Music: A seven-note violin sounder composed by an orchestra. Three variants are used:

  •  In the short version, the jingle has only six notes.
  • On Jeopardy!, the thunderclap from the 1998 KingWorld logo is heard at the beginning of the short version of the jingle.
  • In the long version, the jingle has a one-second pause between the sixth and seventh notes and ends with an eight-note flute sounder (with four notes playing twice).
  • In the extended version, the long version's jingle leads into a series of soft notes.

Some shows, like Judge Judy and A&E and local syndication prints of CSI: Miami, have had the end of the show's closing theme. The CBS Eye logo is silent on season 7 of Wings on DVD, one episode of Dr. Phil about a consultant for the show who recently died, and the September 11, 2013 episode of the revival of The Arsenio Hall Show.

Availability: Seen on some shows owned by CBS Television Distribution itself. The extended version can be seen on CBS Television Distribution's website and was seen on Montel during its final two seasons. The long version has been seen on Dr. Phil and Cloo repeats of The Guardian.

Scare Factor: None; this CBS logo is one of the best logos of the decade, and the music is beautiful.