1st logo (2000-2007) Edit


2nd logo (2007-2010) Edit

Logo: On a white background, an orange earth is shown, then the "A" forms with the words, "Astral Media" in a serif font.

Variant: There is also a black and white variant.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: A not sad music, followed by a 4 whistle tune.

Music/Sounds Variants: We have some variants.

  • Adult: A disco, pop version of the tune.
  • Contury: A non-of-a-kind version of the tune.
  • HBO: A funniest version of the tune.
  • Kids: 2 cartoon sounds, followed by a child laughing and a happy version of the tune.
  • News: A rendered version of the tune.
  • Oldies: A clapping version of the theme.
  • Pop: A crash sound, followed by a pop version of the theme.
  • Soft-rock: A Puzzle-kid like version of the theme.
  • Virgin: Another rock version of the theme.

Avaliblity: Rare. Seen at the end of all shows from 2007-2010.

3rd logo (2010-2013) Edit

Nicknames: "The five-color A", "No More Solid Blue A"

Logo: We see the colours sucking up to form the letter "a" in a five color version of it, then the words "astral" in a bold font.

FX/SFX: 2D animation.

Variant: On "Astral Branding", A Longer version is used:

  • A Baby Blue kid and grandpa doing something
  • An orange lady and man lisening to music
  • A green man diving into the water, and he turns in to a yellow dolphin
  • A pink lady
  • A purple man and lady
  • A green man running and skatboarding
  • A blue child playing "Up goes the airplane" with mom and dad

Then, the logo animates as normal.

Music/Sounds: A rock, gutiar tune, followed by a 4-note whistle tune.

Avalliblity: Seen on some shows from 2010-2013.