Animagrad Animation Studio is a Russian-Ukraine film and animation company founding in 2012 as well the film company in 2018

(March 11, 2018)Edit

Animagrad studio intro-0

Animagrad studio intro-0

Nickname: The Snowglobe

Logo: In the Kids' Room with some toys, Lights and a wall in blue and light blue Striped with Stars, Cloud and a Golden Star. We see a Table. then 2 Hands Holding a Snowglobe. which Quickly zooms out of the snowglobe. Then in puts on the Table and we see a City. The Snowglobe Turns Around and stops. Slowly Zooms Out to Reveal a Ladybug Standing on the Table. The color Pencils in a Bucket and a black and white Picture of a Bear. the Camera Zooms Out to the snowglobe lights off and Flashes. the Background then fades to black and the city Is Now the same one. the Words "Animagrad". the Light Turns on and turns into 3D. the words Animation Studio in space-out letters. then it Fades out.

FX/SFX: Animation

Music/Sounds: A Piano tune with a Twilight sound and Pretty Sounds and a Drum Beat

Availability: Rare

Scare Factor: TBA