Logo Captions by Jamter Hamster, Emily Rumy, and Erica Kansgo

1st Logo (Oct 7, 1998, Jun. 10. 2008)
Snapshot 2454

Nicknames: Flashing Light Of Doom, A Scratch Pass, is seem there, The SSF, Super Scary Face, Curious Pictures' Evil Twin. The Ship From Hell, Loose Lips, and Flashing Light, The Nightmare of the Face of Doom. Box of Doom, Countdown From Hell. Asymmetrical Productions' Scratch Brother, The Color from Hell, Mouth of Doom

Logo: on a black background with freaky face, We see a "A SCRATCH PASS" styled on gray square like this:




We see then a flashing light that strobes and then logo zooms in and square started flashing. And then the countdown appears when it faded in and gray block goes right to left of the screen. Then we see a logo flashes too and face then says "THE SCRATCH PASS" witch is blurred out.

FX/SFX: The flashing

Music/Sounds: a loud thunder noise, the wind noise is loud followed by robotic voice saying the company. The electric guitar can be heard before lip saying "A SCRATCH PASS" and electric broken sound before gray block goes to the left

Availability: Seen on Lock in a pass

Editor's Note: Sometimes, this is nothing famous inside and outside of the logo and it is just an boy looking at the box and stares at the viewer could be unnerving. But the flashing lights are sudden and the fact they come without a warning makes it even worse. But the face is pretty unnerving since it was a stolen footage of the boy looking at the center of the screen after this. The animation looks very cheep and choppier and the fact there is a following text of the epilepsy. This how ugly how logo is causing people a nightmares, but it will mostly countdown and flashing logo may give people and animals so many seizures.

2nd Logo (Jun. 7, 2009-)

Viacom - A Scratch Pass Production.001
on a black background , we see a Word "a SCRATCH PASS" were in right of the corner and in the box. The "PRODUCTION" is down on a corner over the logo. We see a Viacom Logo between a A Scratch Pass Productions logo

FX/SFX: None

Music/Sounds: None

Availability: Seen on shows like Patrick Herny

Editor's Note: TBA