Logo editions by Jake Kim, Yoyo Musty and Emilesila

(2005- )

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A Glever Productions Nickelodeon-0

A Glever Productions Nickelodeon-0

Nicknames: "The Scary Voice" "The Bird looks so cute!" "Splaat is Back", "Another Chorus of Doom" "Voice from hell" "Snee-Oosh's Little Brother" "A Stick text?"

Logo: On a brown background with a claymation version, we see a bird that holds a stick. The text "A GLEVER PROCTION" is in font like line. Which the "PRODUCTION" were replace with "PROCTION, but the "DUC" were missing.

FX/SFX: None, however, but on Ni Ni Jumbo in a blue background, we see a logo zooms in and it fades to White Feather Films Logo.


  • On some of HEY OSCARD!!! and Nick Ashby season 2, the text as the URL exist for the website "" is written.
  • On Ni Ni Ni Jumbo, The logo was big and the bird are small. The brown background were replaced on the blue background is either viewing everyone, the logo zooms in and transform into a Sony PBS Pictures.
  • On Nick Ashby: 2 Bullies at School, the logo was white over has a black background after the credit warp sped up.

Music/Sounds: None, in the Chours variant, a chours like voice says a company "GLLLEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVEEEEEEER", followed by a loud long beep sound with flute and you can hear Mario and Luigi screaming, mostly, it uses the ending theme of the show.

Availability: Uncommon. The silent variant can only be seen on Simon Bates, and Nick Ashby. After that, it was appeared on Intros of Ni Ni Ni Jumbo for CBS. Also, the Chorus and Voices variant it can be found on season 2 of some episodes of and split screen Nick Ashby for Greenytoons and PBS. The website byline appeared on HEY OSCARD!!! for MTV and Nickelodeon and ABC. The version with the closing theme is taken from Hello, My Name Is Lucy!. On The Greeny Channels's airings, this logo was fixed of the blocked when doing split screen credits because of an error. The logo wasn't seen on Dirtgirlworld for Sprout Kids TV, because this copies on companies of episodes as another one of a company.

Editor's Note: This chorus voice is pretty unnerving like Billionfold Logo. also, this logo will be disturbing as the bird's beak is pretty ugly and the text looks awful thanks to Nickelodeon and Greenytoons for a credits.