700 Pictures Logo

700 Pictures Logo

Logo: in the white Room with brown Floor. We See a Chicken walks and clucks, a golden shiny ball rolls like an Egg. the Chicken Looks around and the Chicken runs to the Screen. Suddenly we cuts too the shadows and fade out revealing the words "700 Pictures". Then, The Chicken run sand bumps his head with stars spins. the chicken gets up and hops. the Chicken Flaps his wings as the "P". The Chicken Can't Reach and falls out. a Ball and the chicken hop and flies. The Chicken stands on the number "0" and the chicken looks at us. the ball turns to Switches into a silhouett. the words "700 Pictures". then a Byline that read "a Tofa Media Production Company". The Logo Then cut to black.

FX/SFX: None

Music/Sounds TBA

Availability:: TBA

Scare factor: None